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Jesus Is Coming Back & I Love My Bible Review by Lisa, Mercy & Cassandra Barthuly

Debby Anderson

We were already familiar with Debby Anderson's books, as we have the title God Knows My Name, so we knew this would be a fun review! Debby's books share God's truth with His littlest children in beautiful, colorful, hardback story format. These books are about 20 pages in length and of the highest quality!

Jesus Is Coming Back tells of Jesus' promise to us. He will be back for us and how we should spend our lives in preparation to receive Him. It is sweetly told as a story with scriptures as well. This is what my daughter had to say about it:

"The book, Jesus Is Coming Back is a good book, and it's all TRUE! You will like this fun book about children wondering when Jesus is coming back to take us home to Heaven. This book teaches children about Jesus. I really liked this book and all the pictures, Im sure you will too!?
Mercy, age 8

I Love My Bible, teaches children about God's Word. This title encourages children to read their Bible anytime and anywhere! That God's book is His "Instruction Book" to us and how it teaches us how He wants us to live. It also teaches Scripture, ideas for memorization, love, forgiveness, thankfulness, and even history, science, math and so MUCH more! Here is what my other daughter had to say about it:

"I Love My Bible is good. The Bible is God's book and the most important book in the world. God loves us because we are His children. We read the Bible because God wants us to and there are verses to teach us how to live. The Bible helps us and missionaries to spread the Word. This story teaches and helps littler children learn about God too!"
Cassandra, age 5

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-- Product Review by Lisa, Mercy & Cassandra Barthuly, The Old Schoolhouse®, LLC, March, 2006