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Sanctifinder Bible Book Drills: A Learning Vitamins Unit in the Character and Competence Series Review by Kelly Miller

By Edwin C. Meyers, Ph.D.
Produced by the Providence Project
14566 NW 110th Street
Whitewater, Kansas 67154

Imagine this scenario: It's Sunday, you are in church, and the minister calls out the bible passages one by one. You hear the pages ruffle as hundred's in your congregation speedily locate each verse. As he begins his sermon you are still wading through the pages looking, beads sweating down your brow. Your pages are still ruffling and the Minister is now onto the next scripture, which starts the whole process over again. If only you had memorized the books of the bible. Well, it is not too late, because Edwin C. Meyers (author of the Calculadder series) has designed an ingenious memory program called "Sanctifinder Bible Book Drills."

This is a low-cost, affordable, effective and easy-to-use supplemental Bible program. The pages are colorful and the stages of memorization are filled with fun puzzles and mazes. The materials for one student includes 48 work pages, Quick Key grading, Achievement Record, and Instructor's Guide. Work is completed in less than 10 minutes a day (unless extra practice is needed). There are 8 levels that eventually lead you through complete memorization of both the old and New Testament books.

Our family thoroughly enjoyed using Sanctifinder, and particularly, my 4th grader felt confident as she began finding the books of the bible with ease. I enjoyed it, and was excited to pass each level; challenged by the time limit. It is important to note that in order to use this program successfully your child must be able to proficiently read and write. Instruction's suggest starting this program with second or third graders. It is also helpful if your child can say the books of the bible out loud before starting Sanctifinder. Then learning how to spell/locate the books firsthand will be easier.

Dr. Meyer's has created a highly organized and systematic way to memorize the books of the bible. Get ready to be the first to find your scriptures at church, while the other congregational members keep ruffling those pages.

-- Product Review by Kelly Miller, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2006