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Dinosaurs: Genesis and the Gospel Review by TOS Staff

Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis produces wonderful materials to teach (and learn!) how so many of the questions of the world's foundation are answered - in Genesis! In this two-DVD set, shot live with hundreds of parents and children, Ken Ham and Buddy Davis have put together fun, educational, and entertaining biblical teaching for our children (and adults too!) in Dinosaurs: Genesis and the Gospel!

We learn how God created all animals, including dinosaurs, on Day 6. Ken answers questions such as, "Did the dinosaurs roam the earth with Adam?" "How did the dinosaurs actually fit on the ark?" "Did T-Rex eat fruits and vegetables?" and explains what scientists proclaim as their "facts" in solid biblical answers through Scripture!

Buddy Davis teaches us some fun new songs, and "The Woodpecker Song" is a favorite with our children. Buddy Davis and his trusty dog Casey also help us review Mr. Ham's teaching at the end of each segment with a little "test" of what we've learned. We also get a sneak peek at the Creation Museum and some of Buddy's recreations of dinosaurs that will be featured at AiG's Creation Museum!

This DVD set is absolutely loved by our family - certainly by the children, who think it's just fun entertainment that proclaims the truth! As parent-teachers, we love it because it teaches the truth in a fun and engaging manner that sticks with the children! On many occasions I've heard the children talking about it amongst others and each other, quoting Mr. Ham and what the "Bible says" on such-and-such topic. Recently Grandpa was visiting and the girls wanted to share their "favorite show" with him. He watched both DVDs with them and told me later, "This is GREAT stuff," and "Where did you guys find these?" We had a long discussion about our faith and the Answers in Genesis ministry. He shared that in a recent Bible study, some of the adults had trouble answering just these questions that Ken Ham taught about!

Dinosaurs: Genesis and the Gospel has also been a great tool in our homeschool as well, reiterating our teaching on Genesis, Noah, and the Flood. In an age when our faith is constantly questioned and challenged, I want our children to have the truth, and solid answers to the tough questions. I highly recommend you check out the AiG website to see all of their materials, and certainly Dinosaurs: Genesis and the Gospel. The whole family will love it!