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Baby Becoming Plus Size Maternity & Nursing Clothing Review by Judy Wales

10 Nate Whipple Highway, Mich. Bldg
Cumberland, RI 02864

Are you a plus-size woman who is frustrated trying to find maternity clothes that fit comfortably and look nice? I know how you feel! During my previous pregnancies, I wore T-shirts and sweats, which were comfortable; but they were not very pretty. I didn't go out very much because I didn't feel very pretty. Well, I believe I have found a solution for us plus-size ladies. Not only is the outfit comfortable, but it is also very elegant. I am talking about the outfit I got from Baby Becoming.

Baby Becoming is a Maternity and nursing clothing store just for plus-size women. The owner, Charlotte, became frustrated during her pregnancy because she was unable to find clothing to fit her. The experience inspired her to start Baby Becoming.

The outfit I ordered from Baby Becoming was called the Sunset outfit, which included a lovely top with a pair of pants. The top is a moss rayon crepe, pumpkin color, with an embroidered neck and wrists. The top has shoulder pads and a removable camisole. The pants are a black rayon moss crepe. The pants are very comfortable, with a nonelastic waistband. I really enjoyed this feature, because normally maternity pants make my waist itch, but these didn't do that. With the pleats in the tummy area, not only did they make me look slimmer but they did not pinch or feel tight on my growing tummy. They also had plenty of growing room. Another feature of these pants that I liked was the slit at the bottom on the outer ankle area, because my ankles and feet swelled a lot. With the slit, the pants did not get tight when they did swell. Caring for these clothes is simple - just wash and hang up to dry. Charlotte has done a great job making these outfits, and she knows exactly what a plus-size woman's body needs to feel comfortable and beautiful during this wonderful time in her life. I am very uncomfortable sharing my clothing size or weight with anyone, so at first when I was ordering my outfit I was nervous, but that went away quick because of the great customer service I received. Baby Becoming's goal is to be living proof that healthy maternity comes in all sizes of large; to offer you a choice in beautiful and comfortable in clothing that is designed for your changing body; to answer your questions about how your body may change; to encourage you to live life to the fullest, because you can do anything at any size you happen to be; and finally, to share that being a mother is the best work anyone can do.

When my order was delivered, I received a thank-you letter, a frequently asked questions page, a page explaining the pre-pregnant size myth, my receipt, a return form, and a $5-off coupon. Baby Becoming sure does know how to treat a lady.

I would recommend Baby Becoming to all plus-size women who are pregnant and wants to feel comfortable and beautiful during their pregnancy.

-- Product review by Judy Wales, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December 2005