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Legends & Leagues Book and Workbook Review by Tina Rice

Ned Bustard
Veritas Press

Legends & Leagues is a 32-page soft-back book that tells the story of Mr. Tardy getting lost. In the story, Mr. Longitude and Mr. Latitude educate Mr. Elmo Tardy about maps. The drawings on each page are detailed but not cluttered. Except for the characters, each page is drawn in sepia tones with a phenomenal amount of items to identify (think a mix of Usborne Books and I Spy).

Legends & Leagues Workbook is a 44-page black and white, soft-back workbook. Permission is granted to make unlimited photocopies of the entire manual for the original purchaser's homeschool or classroom.

Subjects covered in the workbook include map symbols, map making, compass making, meridians, Continents, state landmarks (from the United States), time zones, and memory songs. A final exam is also included.

Recommended resources include access to a photocopy machine, markers or colored pencils, Audio Memory's Geography Songs and State & Capitals, and a folder or notebook to hold completed activities.

The book is usable without the workbook, as well as the workbook without the book. HOWEVER, why spend money on only one half of a program?

Legends and Leagues is appropriate for the early elementary grades. My 4th grade student found the book to be readable on her own. Legends & Leagues is not a full geography or map skill course, but rather a supplement to what you are already doing. I found the book fun and interesting to read.

-- Product Review by: Tina Rice, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2005