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Homeschooling More Than One Child Review by Willena Flewelling

By Carren W. Joye
iUniverse Inc.
2021 Pine Lake Road, Suite 100
Lincoln NE 68512

Homeschooling More Than One Child is a small reference volume packed full of practical information and tips covering every area a homeschooling parent could reasonably expect to encounter. The author covers everything from getting started to college preparation; from record-keeping to choosing the right curriculum for each child; from homeschooling with babies underfoot to single parents and working parents; from chores to discipline; from multi-tasking to keeping kids motivated and focused; from juggling housework and homeschool to staying motivated and preventing burnout.

Not only is Homeschooling More Than One Child well named, but it goes far beyond my expectations. Whether you have two children or twelve, whether they are close in age or far apart, whatever teaching style you choose, and regardless of what learning styles your children are - this book is great!

In every area, Mrs. Joye presents many options, giving the pros and cons of each but doesn't bias the reader in the direction of her own preference. She leaves the choice with the reader, who is encouraged to make it on the basis of her own family situation.

The only improvement that could be made in this book is that some topics could have been dealt with in more detail. Too little can lead to confusion. For instance, in speaking to the homeschooler on a tight budget, the author suggests finding the bulk of your resources on the internet. Later, in her prioritized list of needs, a computer, printer and internet access are listed under "Some of these you may want at some point." But such a small book with such a wide scope is necessarily sketchy in places, touching little more than the tip of the iceberg on any topic. Where she doesn't go into detail, she often lists several websites for further information. All in all, I think she handled it quite well.

There is something for everyone in this book, from the unschooler to the classical schooler, and from the novice to the veteran, with any number of children. As a mom of seven, with eighteen years of homeschooling experience, I highly recommend this book.

-- Product Review by: Willena Flewelling, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2005