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Treasury of Vintage Homekeeping Skills: Collections of the Homekeeper Review by Lisa Barthuly

Marmee's Kitchen/Green Acres Publications

Martha Greene's latest book, "Treasury of Vintage Homekeeping Skills" IS a treasure! This is destined to be a keepsake, it is a gorgeous book full of practical information, quotes, scripture verses, recipes, and just good old tried and true reminders of the past and how things were done. This information needs to be revived! Not to mention the beautiful vintage graphics and layout of the book!

'Treasury' has a beautiful old fashioned look to it. With its pretty lavender and sage green hardback cover, which opens to a spiral bound plethora of pages, it is full of wisdom that Martha has preserved on paper for all of us.

This book just speaks to my heart I love it! It supports, embraces, and respects all things dear to me, while giving me areas within to write and journal things from my life as well. I hope to pass this on to my daughters one day. 'Treasury' encourages us as Homekeepers, to treasure the HIGH CALLING of being a Keeper of the Home. In a day and age when being a Keeper of the Home is discouraged, and even frowned upon, this book will encourage dear sisters everywhere.

Just some of the areas Martha (and her helpful contributors) covered in this book: Homekeeping, Hospitality, First Aid in the Home, Family Records, Handiwork, Gardening, Baking, Cooking, Business of the Home, Reserves for the Family, Canning, Menus, The Pantry, Medicinal Cupboard, and so much more!

I think it's such a neat collection of skills and tips. Want to learn how to crochet? The basic outline is here! How to make a bed properly? It is here. Is it croup or whooping cough? It is here. Want to make your own homemade laundry soap or spot remover? You got it! The list goes on!

The "Treasury of Vintage Homekeeping Skills: Collections of the Homekeeper" is full of inspiration and common sense from days gone by, that we can make our own, and pass on to our future generations. This would make a much loved, very special gift and a perfect addition to our daughter's hope chests. A beautiful keepsake! Thanks Martha, what a unique, special book!

--Product Review by Lisa Barthuly, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2005