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Typing Instructor Deluxe Software Review by Heather Jackowitz

1510 East Spencer Lake Road
Shelton, Washington 98584
(360) 426-0672

Typing Instructor Deluxe is an inexpensive and highly versatile CD-ROM that will take you from no typing skill to expert skill in record time. Start by taking the tour to discover the incredible riches Typing Instructor Deluxe has to offer. Next, select your skill level, or take a test to determine the best level to begin. Then choose a preset typing plan, or create your own lesson plan. Two basic typing plans are offered: one for adults and one for children. Specific skill plans are also available, such as a number and symbol plan.

As you work through your selected lesson plan, the "dynamic learning" feature adapts to your specific weaknesses to give you extra practice where you need it most. At the end of each lesson, a chart shows both average and record WMP, as well as an accuracy rating. The program will not let you proceed until you master your WPM goal in each lesson, a feature designed to prevent moving ahead before you are ready. You are free to reset your options at any given time.

In addition to lesson plans, Typing Instructor Deluxe offers several fun and educational features. One of my favorites is voice typing; choose from hundreds of articles and literature excerpts. I love being able to combine dictation with typing, and each child can do it on his own while I work with another child. You can also copy passages rather than type from dictation.

Undoubtedly, my children's favorite features are the ten challenging and fun arcade games that can be tailored to their present skill level. Speed, accuracy, and pace are tested and practiced in these games. I am thrilled that they are having fun while learning such a useful skill. And, I must confess, my husband and I have been known to stay up late to compete at these games!

Typing Instructor Deluxe is incredibly flexible. In addition to technical options, such as whether to have one or two spaces at the end of each sentence, you can select music, font, and an interface theme (Travel Agency, Time Machine, or Safari). An extremely useful option for beginners is a visible keyboard at the bottom of the screen, with or without correct finger use while typing. And if all these choices were not enough, you can also import your own texts and music.

Our whole family loves this CD-ROM! Available at an incredible discount from Timberdoodle, Typing Instructor Deluxe is an unbelievable value. Highly recommended!

-- Product Review by: Heather Jackowitz, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2005