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Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 Review by Mari Almon

Greg and Shawn Sabouri
Teaching Textbooks
P. O. Box 60529
Oklahoma City, OK 73146

I've never seen a math program quite like this one. In addition to the textbook, you get a step-by-step multimedia solutions manual. You may purchase another set of CDs that contains both lectures-one for each of the 130 lessons in the textbook and includes explanations to the practice problems that begin each problem set.

All you do is have your student read the lesson, watch the lecture on CD, work the five practice problems, and watch the next part of the CD that explains those problems. Next your student will work all of the problem sets and you'll grade the assignment. THEN, the part I love---watch the step by step solutions CD for any problems that were missed!

Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 is appropriate for high school students who need full credit of Algebra 2. This program is full of fascinating and entertaining real-world examples that make the math concepts easy to understand and keep your student engaged. Definitely created for homeschooling PARENTS, I loved the freedom of checking my son's work without having to know how to work, remember how work, re-teach myself how to work any answer he got wrong. I also loved the cost, much cheaper than the other video or CD based programs that really don't do near as much. The only down side I found is the textbook itself. It is IMMENSE! It is a 753 page spiraled paperback that is not easy to tote around without getting it damaged. Aside from that little gem, I would recommend this program to anyone!

-- Product Review by: Mari Almon, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2005