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Stratedice Review by Ruth Hoskins

Joanne Currah and Jane Felling
Box Cars & One-Eyed Jacks
3930-78 Avenue
Alberta, Canada T6B2W4

Stratedice is a small book of 15 dice games. The book (made of heavy card stock) and 36 dice enclosed in a plastic tray come in a clear plastic zip top bag. The book says for ages six and up, but with all of the reasoning, probability skills, and logical thinking that should be applied to play many of the games, I think children in the 8/9 year range and up would find the most enjoyment out of these games.

Basically you pick a game out of the book, read the instructions and tips, if any, and play. Just about all of the games are for two players at a time. I really like the format of the instructions for each game. With "To begin", "the goal", "to win", "to score", "example", "variation", and "possible strategy", it is very easy to follow along and get a game going in a matter of minutes.

It would help if the suggested grade levels were also included for each game. I found myself having to read each game to determine which math skills would be needed and if my child has that skill before beginning any game. I think that if the suggested grade levels were listed it would make choosing a game much easier.

Being a small and compact game with minimum pieces, it is very easy to travel with, or just pull out and play right before bedtime or dinner. I know that I will use Stratedice for quick fun games with my children and husband.

-- Product Review by: Ruth Hoskins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2005