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Deca Dice Review by Ruth Hoskins

Joanne Currah and Jane Felling
Box Cars & One-Eyed Jacks
3930-78 Avenue
Alberta, Canada T6B2W4

This is a wonderful book filled with 69 math games that are played with a product called decadice (included with the book). The games are separated into the following categories: Place Value and Probability, The Operations, Fractions Money and More. The math games are for grades one through nine and are explained thoroughly in a standard format throughout the book.

Each game begins by telling you the suggested skill level, the math skill being reviewed, equipment needed, how to get started with the games, variations to make the game more or less difficult, and some games include teaching tips and a thought provokers section.

What I really enjoyed about this book is how easy it is to use. I just picked up the book, looked over the table of contents, which includes suggested grade levels and skills, picked a game, and began. I think the table of contents would be even more helpful if it listed the number of players needed for the games as well. Having the entire math warm ups in one section is a good idea. Some of the games use reproducible pages located at the back of the book. I found everything to be very handy. One thing that I would love to see is more solitary games for lower grades.

Deca Dice may be a bit on the pricey side at $28.95, and if I did not know that it was this much fun, I would typically pass over it. Having experienced it, however, I would buy it. It is also a book that will grow with our math needs. Given that, it is well worth the price. This book is like a glass of cold water on a hot steamy day for anyone who is tired of the same old thing in math.

My girls', ages 7 and 9 love playing these games.

-- Product Review by: Ruth Hoskins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2005