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Calculadder 2 ~ Classic Edition Advanced Addition and Subtraction & Basic Multiplication Review by Kelly Miller

Edwin C. Myers, Ph.D.
The Providence Project
14566 NW 110th Street
Whitewater, Kansas 67154

If you are looking for a power-packed supplement to your child's current math program, which will help them master their facts, increase their focus and build confidence, without causing stress and worry, then Calculadder 2 is the supplement to buy!

This low-cost, affordable,and easy-to-use program includes quality bound materials containing 12 copies of each level drill, Instructor's Guide, Quick Answer-Key, and Achievement Record. These sequential stages of math mastery are completed in less than 5 minutes a day, and are filled with colorful pages just waiting to be devoured. Calculadder 2 contains levels 17-32, which covers advanced addition and subtraction, multiplication tables through 12x9, with renaming techniques (carrying and borrowing). For cost-effectiveness you can purchase the Calculadder Masterpak 1 CD-ROM to print out multiple pages, levels and programs for larger families.

Although Calculadder 2 is recommended for students in grades 2-4, it is highly individualized, and can be used by students at any grade level who could benefit from accelerated or remedial help. The objective, or "mission," is to help your child recall math facts like they are "second-nature," promoting a strong foundation in addition, subtraction and multiplication that will propel them forward in their studies. Surprisingly your student will feel both challenged and rewarded each time they complete a worksheet no matter what their learning style. They will notice their speed and accuracy increase, and their need for finger-counting and manipulative's decrease. An added bonus is that each page has an encouraging scripture that will inspire and motivate your child while they are learning.

Our family has been using this program for awhile and I haven?t seen any signs of boredom or burn-out at all. My daughter is always excited when I bring out the book and is eager to see if she can beat her last score. For years she has had trouble memorizing her math facts despite flashcards, and repetition, and resorted to finger-counting as an aid. Calculadder 2has helped her kick some of her old habits, and let go of them as she recalls the facts quickly and accurately; conquering each level one by one.

When I received the Calculadder 2 materials, my first impression was "That's it?" You open it and see the duplicate pages in each level, and it catches you off guard. I thought quite proudly, "I can make this up myself, why do I need to purchase it?" However, my pride was quickly deflated when I saw how purposefully designed and integrated each level is, flowing one to another. I realized these are rare and essential stepping stones in math, that can't be "made up." I have nothing but great things to say about Calculadder 2, because that is exactly what we have experienced while using this program.

Well organized , creative , masterful and addictive. Your child will want more!

-- Product Review by: Kelly Miller, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2005