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Myth of Separation between Church & State, The Review by Heather W. Allen

By: Dee Wampler
Winepress Publishing
Enumclaw, WA

Dee Wampler has written an excellent, thought-provoking, book. In writing The Myth of Separation between Church and State, Mr. Wampler used his extensive research, coupled with compelling historical facts and quotes, to present the truth concerning what our Founding Fathers meant when they penned the establishment clause providing for a separation of church and state.

Mr. Wampler convincingly demonstrates that there is no provision for the separation of church and state as touted by today's judges who, he states, have unconstitutionally exceeded the authority granted to them and stripped the American people of their legislative liberty. In fact, Mr. Wampler shows that the intent of the Founding Fathers was to protect the free exercise of religion from government, not to protect government from religion.

The First Amendment was intended to maintain a proper relationship between government and religion, and the term establishment of religion was coined to prevent the development of a national church. The materials presented concerning the lives, writings, and interactions of our Founding Fathers, show that they were proud to uphold Christian values and never intended to separate their daily or political lives from their religion.

As Mr. Wampler purports. "historical revisionists have erased [the Framers] repeated references to and reliance upon God." "Over the past century, much of our religious heritage has been taken out of our history books- We are in danger of losing our heritage because the whole story is no longer being told."

Well, Dee Wampler tells the story in The Myth of Separation Between Church & State. I highly recommend this book if you're interested in understanding what this battle is all about and how devastating it will be to our country if we lose.

--Product Review by: Heather W. Allen, TOS Senior Analyst, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine