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Teddytronics Review by Coie Igarashi

When we went to the CBA convention, we met the most delightful Australian man, Matthew Wiltshire while riding in our shuttle back to the hotel. When we asked him to tell us about his company he said, "I sell praying teddy bears." Mom sort of shrugged; we have had some frightful encounters with praying teddies, some who would ominously start on their own and never stopped. Scary.

He told us some more about his company and asked us about ours. The next day we stopped by his booth to see these praying teddy bears. We couldn't stop beaming. They weren't the cheap, rough-feeling teddy bears that never stop talking. On the contrary, these were big, soft, huggable charming teddies that prayed with an Australian accent. There are all different types of teddies. There is Brave Teddy, Happy Teddy, Love Teddy, Faith Teddy, and more. Matthew was kind enough to send us home with one of these treasures. "Faith Teddy" says about 5 different prayers and we LOVE him (the teddy I mean, not Mr. Wiltshire. I mean we certainly like Mr. Wiltshire, he's a charming sort of chap, but we're mostly smitten with the bears).

Teddytronics also comes with a small book that goes along with the praying teddies. The book contains all of the prayers that are prayed by all of the Teddy bears. Both products would be great for small children-but parents will be caught grinning too when they see and hear these teddy bears. We highly recommend them!

-- Product Review by: Coie Igarashi, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine