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Amy's Kitchen, Inc. Review by Kate Kessler

2330 Northpoint Parkway P.O. Box 7868
Santa Rosa, CA

I have been asked to review many things, but never frozen foods! Amy's Kitchen sent us a generous sample box of all different types of their frozen offerings. While there were a few we did not care for, our overall taste bud satisfaction rate was very high.

Amy's uses a combination of organic wheat flour with organic oat bran and wheat germ for their main pastry based items. By pastry I mean anything with a bread product included such as pizza crust, toaster pastries, frozen mini snacks, or pocket sandwiches. It is a nice blend that varies in flavor depending upon what it is paired with. We found the Toaster Pops lacking enough sweetening and moisture to make them taste like what we thought they should, but the Spinach Feta and Nacho Cheese & Bean Snacks were superb. The Snacks were full of flavor without the attending excessive grease that accompanies most other store-bought brands.

The frozen pizzas were varied in interesting topping choices and very satisfying. Also different from most store-bought brands, these actually did not taste like cardboard! Our favorites, Amy's Cheese Pizza and Amy's Veggie Combo Pizza, are made with all organic veggies, including the tomatoes in the sauce, and nothing artificial. For you goat cheese lovers out there, Amy's also has a Three Cheese Pizza that includes it. There were not any slices left after we had Amy's pizza for dinner!

Our favorites by far, were the wide variety of pastas we were given to try. Pasta is a very popular item here and any cheesy pasta especially. Amy's makes a Macaroni and Cheese that is rich, cheesy, and terribly satisfying! It almost ought to be illegal! Their pasta dishes are also made with organic macaroni, and real milk and cheese. Amy's also carries Rice and Pasta Bowls that are perfect for quick meals and varied in selection. While we didn't particularly care for the brown rice bowls, we did very much enjoy the pasta choices. From Pesto Tortellini, Cheese Ravioli with Sauce, and Country Cheddar with Vegetables, there is a great range of tasty choices to choose from.

The ease of use, variety of selection, high quality of food product, and overall excellent taste makes Amy's a great choice. I know that sometimes it is not always affordable to buy organic, and often it is difficult to even locate. I found that Amy's makes their selections available at many of the main grocery stores in their health food or frozen sections. You can check their website for neighboring locations. I also found that Amy's prices are at the upper end of the frozen food scale, but not any more than the higher-end products were priced. It certainly would be less to buy Amy's Macaroni and Cheese or one of her Pasta Bowls than it would be to go to a local fast food restaurant. Overall we were very pleased with Amy's Kitchen and would welcome her in ours any day!

-- Product Review by: Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC