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Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends Review by Dawn King

Sarah, Stephen, and Grace Mally
Tomorrow's Forefathers
P.O. Box 11451
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52410-1451

I did not have a very close relationship with my brother. Growing up, we were not encouraged to value our relationship. In fact, it seemed we were more adversaries than siblings. Even as adults we rarely talked and didn't have much in common. When he died four years ago, I had many regrets that our bond was not stronger. Because I want it to be different for my children, I had been praying and searching for a way to teach them to get along and value their siblings. Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends has been an answer to prayer!

Written by three homeschooled student aged 22, 16, and 12, Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends is a must have for your family! I've been reading it aloud to my children. Wonder of wonders, they are actually listening and learning! They love the illustrations from the authors' lives, can relate to them, and do not feel as if they are being talked down to.

Each chapter contains a section by Sarah, by Grace, and by Stephen along with sections entitled, "I'm Perplexed" (FAQs about the chapter concept), "HIS Story Applied Today" (insights from a Bible story), and A Self-Evaluation Quiz.

I must say that I am so impressed by the Mally children's sweet and God-honoring spirit, I want to sit down with their parents and find out how they raised such wonderful children.

If you want your children to strengthen their bond with each other, get this book. It is worth its weight in gold!

--Product Review by: Dawn King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine