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LIFEPAC: Essentials of Communication Review by Heather Peake

Alpha Omega Publications LIFEPAC titled Essentials of Communication - A Guide to Interacting Effectively in Today's World™ is an excellent resource for the homeschool high school classroom. My daughter thrives on self-paced individualized learning formats, and these consumable LIFEPACs were excellent in meeting her needs in understanding and putting into practice the life skills taught in this series

These LIFEPACs contain practical applications in the form of exercises and projects that allow students to practice their new communication skills. From writing and presenting a speech to conducting interviews and attending local meetings; practice and observation is recommended to reinforce the concepts. This set is designed for high school level students aiming to equip them with the knowledge and understanding that will enable them to set and reach goals for their personal and professional relationships and strengthen their sense of self. Even before my daughter was finished with the set, I noticed a huge difference in her communication skills, especially in new settings and around new people. Once a shy introvert, she is now more willing to share her thoughts and feelings and enter into conversations that would have intimidated her in the past. She is finding her voice and is able to face the challenges of communication with more grace and confidence. I attribute these new skills and self esteem to Essentials of Communication from Alpha Omega.

This course is designed to show students how to successfully interact with others in varied settings. Whether we are with friends, on the job, at church, personal, professional, or in public, everybody needs effective communication skills! Your high school students using this course can learn how to express themselves clearly and concisely. They will expand their knowledge about interpersonal relationships, group dynamics and public speaking. The study also involves the physiology of communications, communication theories, and language characteristics.

Units contain practical application exercises that allow students to practice new skills learned. For example, students may write a speech and present it, conduct interviews, or attend local community meetings to practice and observe communication. This course aims to equip students with knowledge that enables them to reach personal and professional goals, develop relationships, fulfill social obligations, and strengthen their sense of self. I would recommend this study if your student is in high school and enjoys the self-paced workbook environment. Although this is designed for grades 9 - 12, I would recommend that your student have a good vocabulary and is self-motivated. The set consists of 5 LIFEPACs and a Teacher's Guide. The units are Communication Foundations, Language Characteristics, Interpersonal Relationships, Understanding Groups, and Presenting and Interpreting Public Messages.

-- Product Review by: Heather Peake, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine