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Computer Science Pure & Simple Book 1 & 2 Review by Lisa Barthuly & Family

MicroWorlds Software
Motherboard Books

Learning how to operate computers is something everyone needs to know in the world we live in today. Feel overwhelmed at the thought of teaching computer science in your homeschool?Motherboard Books makes it easy for parents, even those with very little computer skills!

If your children love to learn and play on computers, as the folks at Motherboard Books say, "Harness that enthusiasm!" Turn teaching computer science into a FUN adventure, and Motherboard Books has created a program to make it SIMPLE!

Computer Science Pure and Simple Book 1 is a beginners level, 126 page soft cover, spiral- bound book containing 21 lessons with an answer key. These lessons teach basic programming, including animations, drawing, office skills, word processing, spreadsheets, and even beginning internet programming skills web design with MicroWorlds software using the Logo programming 'language'. This program is geared to 5th grade age and up, but my almost 8-year old and I have learned a LOT from this and had FUN doing it. This could easily be used by adults who want to learn the basics too.

Computer Science Pure and Simple Book 2 is obviously an extension of the course in Book 1, but delves deeper and focuses in more on the fun of game programming. Book 2 is for more intermediate or a bit more advanced students, Motherboard recommends 7th grade age and up, and is the same in its nice spiral-bound, soft cover, but is 175 pages containing 31 lessons with answers. Book 2 teaches creating a website and learning how to put it up on the web! It also ives instruction on programming calculations into an Excel spreadsheet, as well as creating your own more complex games, and more!

Computer Science Pure and Simple books use MicroWorlds software, and children can use this program independently or along side their parents! The instruction is very simple to understand, they instruct step by step, make learning computer language seem a lot less intimidating and therefore makes it enjoyable to learn for any age!

I would highly recommend Computer Science Pure and Simple, as it gives our children and us a very good foundation in computer basics and beyond!

-- Product Review by Lisa Barthuly & Family, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine