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Bach's Fight for Freedom Review by Trisha White

Devine Entertainment Corp.
2 Berkeley St.
Suite 504
Toronto, Ontario Canada M5A 2W3

This is the story of Johann Sebastian Bach, as seen through the eyes of his servant that is assigned to him through Duke Wilhelm. As the story unfolds, Bach does everything he can to intimidate young Frederick. As the movie progresses Bach and Frederick build a relationship of trust, a kinship if you will. Bach only wants the opportunity to share his creativity in music with others in the court but is denied the opportunity. Fredrick, Bach and Fredrick's parents have to make some hard choices.

I found this movie to be great for the whole family. While it does promote the thought of "only serving one master faithfully, your heart" I believe that the only master we can truly serve faithfully is the Lord Jesus Christ. With that said, this DVD includes extras like historical notes, three language versions- English, Spanish and French, an expanded soundtrack, close caption, and Dolby digital stereo.

There are many more DVDs and VHS films from Devine Entertainment. They have series on artists like Rembrandt, Homer and Monet; Composers like Strauss, Handel and Bach; Inventors like Leonardo, Galileo, and Einstein to name a few. You can purchase sets of films and a teacher's guide to go with it also. They have a Shakespeare 4 Kidz series too.

I would recommend these films for anyone interested in learning more about these great people of history, they are told in a way that the viewer will enjoy.

-- Product Review by: Trisha White, Maine State Coordinator, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine