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Keeping our Children's Hearts Review by Kim Wolf

(Our Vital Priority)
By: Steve and Teri Maxwell

What a timely book. At this time in our history when the family is under such attack…television content is more and more questionable, clothing manufacturers have lost the concept of age-appropriate children's wear, when being "nice" is no longer "cool"…we must guard our relationship and our influence with our children. And that means to guard their hearts.

Steve and Teri Maxwell are widely known for their Managers of the Home materials, but they have poured their hearts and years of successful parenting into this well written book. Sprinkled with comments from their oldest (homeschool graduated) children, they lead us through such chapters as: Building Parent-Child Relationships, The Concept of Sheltering, the Biblical Basis for Sheltering, Encouraging Children Toward Purpose in Life, Naysayers.

We, as parents, must be “dedicated to keeping a child’s heart…like the shepherd who is constantly inspecting his flock. He knows the danger that comes if disease or pestilence takes root, so he is quick to identify their onset. If he misses the warning signs, the toll to restore the flock to health will be high, if the shepherd is even able to accomplish it. If we have our child’s heart, we can quickly tell when it is being drawn away. We will sense a heart change and know something is wrong.”

This book helps us to recognize any signs of a drifting heart and lovingly instructs us as to how to bring it back.

--Product Review by: Kim Wolf, Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine