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The Checklist: A K-12 Scope and Sequence/Record keeper for Christian Home Educators Review by Anissa DeGrasse

By: Cindy Downes
1608 E. Tacoma St.
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

The Checklist was developed after Cindy had graduated her children and began to counsel other homeschoolers who were struggling with traditional curriculum. She developed this book to help families to track their learning using "real" books and unit studies. This book is a tool to help you plan the child's educational program and keep track of what you have covered. Cindy has compiled the standard government requirements and combined them with standard skills and character traits into this one book. She offers sample curriculum plans and teaching tips that are useful for many grade/age levels along with a scope and sequence to keep you on track.

The book is broken down into subject areas and within each subject it is broken down into areas of study. For example, the science chapter is divided into areas including God's Creation, Scientist/Inventors, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences. Within the Physical Sciences pages the book further breaks down that field of study into Physics, Electricity, and Electronics. Within those divisions, the fields are further broken down into smaller 'bite sized' categories. The study of Electricity and Electronics you will find Electricity and Magnetism circuits electronic components and uses of electronics. In each of these areas are concepts, inventors, and suggestions in order to fully understand the concept.

The best part about this book is that it incorporates God's plan and design for many of the subject areas. Cindy incorporated Bible history in the history section, which will help to weave the subject together. She has a character trait section and a Bible study section to ensure that the child has a good understanding of God's design for their lives.

The book is not divided by age levels, which can be confusing. Each area of study has a check box next to it for elementary study and one for JR/SR High study to ensure you cover the material more than once and at each age level.

This book is an amazing tool for homeschoolers who are unsure if they are covering all areas of their children's schooling. This book is a wonderful record keeping tool for your child's education. It comes with a yearly planning form to use as a roadmap for the coming school year. This is a wonderful addition to your planning and recordkeeping, I would highly suggest you have one for each child you are teaching.

On the Oklahoma Homeschool website you will find helpful articles and suggestions to help you get started homeschooling, teaching your High School student, along with free lesson plans, unit studies and much more. On the website, you can also view sample pages from The Checklist, find-out how to order the book and read other reviews of the book. Be sure to take a look at Cindy's speaking schedule and sign up for her newsletter!

-- Product Review by: Anissa DeGrasse, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine