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Kidz Gear Binoculars For Kids/Headphones for Kids Review by Jenefer and Bo Igarashi


'Charlotte Mason Style' homeschoolers rejoice; Kids Gear has come out with a really nifty resource that will greatly enhance your school year. Kidz Gear is a company that produces adult products built specifically for kids. My little guy has been delighted at having a real pair of binoculars - sturdy (VERY sturdy) all metal with a rubberized grip, small, comfortable, high performance and able to hold up under 'kid use (and/or abuse)'. The price is also lower than what I expected, at $29.95. These binoculars have 7x magnification, 11.4 eye relief and 489 feet field of view at 1000 yards. It also comes with a built in compass and comes with neck straps and lens cloth. He definitely has the coolest pair of binoculars in the neighborhood.

Here is what my 8 year old son had to say about them: "These binoculars are great. I use them almost every day. I use them for looking at stuff far away and to study birds - like one time I saw a red tailed hawk. I also study little squirrels or other animals. The binoculars help me because I can see what colors they are and how big their tails are. I can see the animals without getting close and scaring them away. Sometimes I see rabbits and deer. These binoculars see closer than any other binoculars I've had; they're really powerful, and you can adjust the view, too. I think grownups could even use them. They even have a built in compass. I don't think these binoculars will break; they are really strong and they have a case to keep them safe."

The Headphones for Kids is a nice quality, sturdy head set that can be used for a variety of things ranging from computer, radio, television, DVD player, and more. It adjusts to fit any head, has great sound output, and volume regulator for ease of use. We recently took a long road trip and borrowed a friend's DVD player for the car. She loaned us her headsets for the children, but they were large and unwieldy for the little ones. This product is exactly what we needed! This headset is made from the same quality material that is used for adult headsets. I highly recommend them. Have a look at their website to see some of the other things they offer.

--Product Review by Jenefer and Bo Igarashi, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC