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How to Write a Story Review by Deborah Wuehler

By Lee Roddy

This guidebook by Lee Roddy is for homeschool parents and their children who have shown an aptitude and interest in writing a story. And, after going through this guidebook, it won't be just any story; they will be able to write a story that is good enough for publication. With Mr. Roddy's expertise and the use of his methods, a good number of writers have had their works published. The guidebook reinforces what has been taught by the use of review and repetition. You will learn to teach your children the invisible three-part structure of all well told stories from the Bible to the classics. They will learn to write about what they know, to recognize story ideas, how to develop the beginning of a story, what goes in the middle, and how to write the ending.

At the end of each lesson are questions and writing assignments to reinforce the lesson. They will learn how to create realistic characters, the proper use of scenes, and how to include a moral or theme. The book concludes with a challenge from Mr. Roddy to never give up the dream, but press on to the end. This spiral bound book is most suited for junior high school and up, but could be adapted for younger ages according to their individual aptitude.

Mr. Roddy has authored many fascinating books and he shares his secrets of success in How to Write a Story. If your children want to write material that is fit for publication, this is the guidebook you need to help them reach that goal.

-- Product Review by: Deborah Wuehler, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine