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Honey, Hang In There! Encouragement for Busy Moms Review by Stephanie Scarborough

By: Sandra Aldrich
Publisher: Baker Book House
Bold Words, Inc
P.O. Box 51351
Colorado Springs, CO 80949-1351

As a busy mom, I was intrigued by the name of this book since I’ve had quite a few days I feel like I’m falling out of my tree. Then, I turned over the book and saw….Ten Ways to Raise Perfect Children! (with a line drawn through it) and Oops. Wrong book! Instead of adding more stress to your day, Sandra has a more realistic message, simply: “Honey, hang in there!”

First off, I like to know a little about a person’s qualifications to give advice and write a book. Well, Sandra Aldrich, is qualified! She was widowed with a 10 year-old son and an 8 year-old daughter still left to raise. Now, she is a speaker and writer with many years of professional experience. Most importantly, her children are grown and happily married, which means the job can be done.

Immediately, I felt a connection with Mrs. Aldrich. She has two children 16 ½ months apart and my two children are 17 ½ months apart. Moreover, she has a great wit; laughter is very good medicine for a weary mom.

The eloquence of words and refreshment of humor leave me laughing one moment and crying the next.

The book allows Sandra to become what you need… she’s your mom, your best friend, your Titus woman, and a Proverbs 31 woman too.

Another fear I had in picking up a book for me is when am I going to have time to read a book for myself to myself. Sandra has truly thought of busy moms as the “chapters”, all 101 of them, are very short but jammed packed with wisdom. Most can be read in a few minutes and I’m sure she’d understand if these minutes are in the “rest room.” The last part of the book gives application questions to discuss with someone who is preferably over 4 feet tall. I picture using this book in a group to meet and be known by other women; indeed you’d find that you’re not alone in this overwhelming yet worthwhile task.

I think Sandra sums it up best in her letter to the busy mom. “Just let me encourage you with my zany experiences, honest confessions, and practical hints. And as you read, remember, I’m a veteran mother who remembers and understands –and who would gladly do it again if given the choice.”

--Product Review by: Stephanie Scarborough, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine