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Kingdom under the Sea: The Gift Review by TOS Publisher

Alpha Omega

"Alpha Omega, a company dedicated to providing excellent, quality Christian education." -- The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Kingdom under the Sea: The Gift is a brand new release from Alpha Omega, a company dedicated to providing excellent, quality Christian education. This movie was designed to be viewed during the holidays and has a Christmas message of Truth.

Highly illustrated, very fun, and full of animation and music, Kingdom Under The Sea is perfect for all ages, but created for kids eight and under. "Homeschoolers would especially like this because it talks about Jesus and how He gave the best gift," said my 11-year-old son Luke. He goes onto say that "this movie explains why Christmas is not about getting; it's about GIVING. Jesus Christ gave the best gift by dying for us on the cross so that we could have eternal life in heaven."

"These fishies lived under the water where these turtles had a baby, but they did not have a house. There were green, yellow, and blue fishies and a PUFFERFISH! None of the fishies would let them (the turtles with the baby) come inside their house because they were too busy for Christmas. The turtles did not feel good about that. Those turtles were really nice and they felt bad that they those fishies would not let them inside their homes. So, this one little fishy came by. That little fishy said that they could come in his house! These other two little fishies thought Christmas was about getting and GETTING. But then, one little fishy let the turtles in his home because he knew what Christmas was all about. His parents had told him what Christmas was all about. His parents were good people. He learned that giving was the right thing. At the end, everyone had a happy time. The turtles felt very good.

"This video has great music. I liked listening to it. It makes me want to sing with it. I think that homeschooled kids would really like this kind of movie because it's a really good movie for little homeschoolers," said eight-year-old Levi.

Julia Suarez, age six, has some comments of her OWN, "There are these two turtles - a daddy and a mommy and then there was this egg with a baby turtle inside it and they had NO place - not even a HOME - and they needed a warm place to keep their baby so the egg could hatch. But when they knocked on a door they were treated mean. 'No bed, no room!' was what the man said. I like this movie because I like babies. When the turtle hatched it looked SO CUTE! There is singing in the movie. Homeschoolers should watch this because they can learn to be nice."

Well, that about says it. The Suarez kids adored it! Great movie for kids. Excellent for the Christmas season! Leave it to AOP to come out with another winner!

-- Product Review by: Publishers, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine