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How to Homeschool the Early Years: Video Set for Parents of Children Age two - nine Review by Christine Field

108 Monaco Road
West Melbourne, FL 32904
(321) 951-2612

"For about what you would pay to attend a large homeschooling conference, you can OWN this nine tape set to review in times of doubt and discouragement or to share with friends." -- The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Have you ever wished you could take a course on how to homeschool, or could apprentice under a more experienced parent? The How to Homeschool video series has been likened to a teachers' college for homeschooling parents. This is not an inflexible, you-must-do-it-this-way approach to homeschooling, but rather a gathering of the best and brightest minds of home education who will give you ideas, strategies and encouragement - all in the comfort of your own home. These videos are so wonderful and helpful that I believe every homeschool group in the country should have them in their lending library.

The line up of speakers on this nine video series is impressive. The first interview is with Dr. Raymond and (the late) Dorothy Moore, the grandparents of modern homeschooling. It's like having them in your living room for a chat! Their warmth and wisdom will touch and encourage you. Also among the contributors is the highly respected Ruth Beechick. She does an individual presentation on a gentle approach to early education, and also provides recurring commentary and follow up throughout the video series. These two powerhouse presentations are worth the price of the series by themselves, but you get so much more.

Elizabeth and Dan Hamilton, authors of Should I Homeschool? give a presentation called "A Thoughtful Approach to Home Education" in which they share their early fears about homeschooling and what they discovered along the way. Vicky Goodchild, author of The Simplicity of Homeschooling, gives two presentations: one on "Your Own Learning Lifestyle" and "Teaching With Toddlers Present." Other guests include Valerie Bendt on making the most of the preschool years, Walter Drew, Ed.D. talking about the value of creative play, Dale Simpson, Ph.D. giving us advice on homeschool family relationships, and Debbie Strayer on teaching reading and phonics. Cynthia Tobias, M.Ed. on learning styles, Monte and Karey Swan on teaching to the heart of your child, Jackie Winner, Ed.S. on teaching math using manipulatives, Pat Weslowski on research skills, Jane Hoffman on teaching science, Barry Stebbing on teaching drawing, Chris Osborne on software and Internet use, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet on understanding difficult children, and Steve Shapiro on perceptual skills development round out the video. This is an incredible lineup of great minds with great advice for homeschooling parents!

The tapes are extremely well done. Filmed in either a lecture or interview setting, the technical quality is as excellent as the content. The Exleys (creators of this project) are offering a new pricing policy effective March 1, 2003. For about what you would pay to attend a large homeschooling conference, you can OWN this nine tape set to review in times of doubt and discouragement or to share with friends. This is a worthwhile investment in your child's education. A homeschool mom who is informed and encouraged is a better teacher. This is a resource she can turn to repeatedly to rekindle her enthusiasm and glean new ideas.

The tapes can be ordered by phone or through their website, which gives greater detail about the series. These are wonderful!

-- Product Review by: Christine Field, Resource Room, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine