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SAT Publications Review by Diane Wheeler and Jenefer Igarashi


The Basket of Flowers Study Guide
SAT Publications

A better-known book by author Johann Christoph Von Schmid is The Basket of Flowers. Like The Christian Warrior, it was published in the 1800s and was his most popular work. I can understand why - this book has a powerful message. The main characters are a young woman named Mary and her father James. They are devoted Christians and live lives of quiet industry. James is a gardener and passes on his skill with the land and his love of flowers to Mary. The garden is James' curriculum for teaching Mary lessons about the Lord and His ways, and she is a willing and eager pupil.

Another of James' pastimes is making lovely baskets out of willows and twigs. One of these baskets becomes a gift to a friend on her birthday. While Mary is delivering the basket, a valuable ring is discovered to be missing. It is thought that Mary is guilty of stealing it and she is imprisoned and sentenced to death. The story unfolds as Mary learns to persevere under severe trials, and continues as she chooses to live a life of forgiveness and faith after her ordeal.

I love the relationship between Mary and her father, their uncompromising commitment to the truth, and the endurance of their faith. An added bonus is the deep green cover and gold embossed lettering. Once again, the presentation is beautiful.

There is much to learn in each chapter of this book, which is exactly why SAT Publications has come out with The Basket of Flowers Study Guide. Written by Tami Blauser, co-owner of SAT Publications, this is a thorough study of reading comprehension, devotional topics stemming from the text, Scriptural references for research and study, and more. There are tests, questions for grammar school students, questions for secondary school students, and questions for family devotions. I can easily see using this guide for personal study, for a discipleship time with my older children, or as a companion to family read-aloud time. A study in a small group or Sunday school class would work well, too.

For more information about SAT Publications, or to order these books, please call 541-471-0491 (PST), Monday through Saturday. You may also visit them on the web at I am grateful to SAT Publications for their commitment to publishing quality literature. I look forward to more treasures being discovered and published for my family and yours.

-- Product Review by: Diane Wheeler, Senior Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

The Christian Warrior
SAT Publications

I agree with Jenefer Igarashi. These books are lovely, inside and out. I was sitting down to write my review tonight and realized that one of the books was missing. Searching around, I eventually found it displayed on the shelf above my eight-year-old son's bed. He thought it was too nice to hide on a bookshelf. He's right!

The book that Rex was displaying is The Christian Warrior. Originally written in the 1800s by Johann Christoph Von Schmid, it was republished by SAT Publications in 2001. The story is of a Roman warrior named Placidus who becomes a believer in Jesus Christ. The story opens with a view into the character of Placidus, a man of integrity and high esteem. He is wealthy without unnecessary and foolish trappings, happy in his marriage and as the father of two sons, known for bravery on the field of battle, and surrounded by many friends. This is the picture of earthly success and comfort. Placidus, though, pursues the call of God on his heart and finds Him waiting for him. That is only the beginning, though. This is the story of incredible hardships, the loss of all the before mentioned comforts, and Placidus' continued faithfulness to Christ through it all. My boys love stories of bravery, courage, and triumph over adversity. This is a story sure to strengthen their love for God and their ability to trust Him no matter what the circumstances.

The cover is a bold red, embossed in gold and is worthy of display on a shelf, but only when it is not being read and discussed by you and your family!

-- Product Review by: Diane Wheeler, Senior Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

The Stranger at Home
SAT Publications

I am a true lover of great literature. And as a lover of God, and a mother dedicated to the godly training of her children, I have now found my all time favorite book. My eldest daughter, too, has never been so deeply engaged, as we together read this book, The Stranger at Home.

Beautifully bound, and embossed with delicate, gold lettering, the incredible books offered by SAT Publications are nearly as enjoyable to look at as they are to read! And they have the undeniably rich feel of a treasured volume from the 1700 or 1800s.

SAT Publications is dedicated to rediscovering and reintroducing the great (and many times little-known), godly books from the past.

When receiving a sampling of these magnificent books for review, my eyes fell immediately on The Stranger at Home, a childhood account of a young girl who goes away to live with her grandparents, and then returns home - spoiled, prideful, and obstinate - to a very structured and godly family. This is a beautiful (and very entertaining) tale, from a young girl's perspective, of how her loving parents and six brothers and sisters were finally able to bring her a saving knowledge between herself and God, and between herself and the family that treasured her so much. Set in the late 1800s, the language is lovely, and the manner of the time engaging.

My teenaged daughter and I read this book together early in the morning, sitting closely on the balcony with our cups of coffee. I can honestly say it will be a time we will both always cherish. As we came to the last chapter, my daughter clutched the book to her chest and said, "I just don't want this to end! I wish it could be longer!" Fortunately for us, SAT has more of the same delightful books from which to choose.

I was inspired as a parent as we read through this, as it reinforced the principles that we have always taught - "the Lord disciplines those He loves, as sons."

And my daughter, Coie, was encouraged to continue as a godly influence for her younger siblings, and was reminded of the influence that family members have over one another.

The Stranger at Home will make a much loved edition to any (I wish every) Christian Homeschool library. Check back here soon for more reviews on other selections offered by SAT Publications - some which come with a correlating study guide!

Be sure to visit the website of SAT Publications (it's absolutely beautiful!), and I strongly recommend picking up a copy of The Stranger at Home for your own dear family.

-- Product Review by: Jenefer Igarashi, Senior Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine