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Remembering God's Chosen Children Review by Holly Cameron

By Susan Mortimer
Eagle's Wings Educational Materials
P.O. Box 502
Duncan, OK 73534

Remembering God's Chosen Children is a follow up course to Remembering God's Awesome Acts. The book begins with Moses, ends with King Solomon, and does so in the same way the RGAA covered the first 12 books of Genesis. In RGCC, as your student goes through the course, s/he will again complete a notebook, learn about Biblical Feasts, and learn how to speak Hebrew! There is creative writing and Calligraphy as well as Jewish history covered. The art focus uses Calligraphy, so it may not appeal as much to boys, but is an excellent way to master your handwriting and learn a beautiful form of writing that has been mostly lost these days thanks to electronic means! There is much emphasis on treating your notebook as a piece of art to be shared, and so the student is encouraged to do his best work all the time.

The objectives of RGCC are the same as RGAA, using the Bible to pull out history. There is a LOT of information in this book, almost overwhelmingly so! The days are laid out the same way as RGAA, with the teacher deciding how much to cover in any particular day. I found the information presented to be deep and covered so much more than other history texts I'd looked at, but there is also more teacher preparation to do here. There is more organization and it doesn't seem to be the kind of book you just hand to the student and have them go at it. Most of the information they would have never seen before, especially concerning Jewish History. There is a tremendous potential to learn a lot of Old Testament Jewish history here. It is an excellent course to go through together, you will learn just as much as your student! And at the end of the course the student again will have a beautiful notebook to share with others as a result of his hard work. The cons of this program as I see them are that for a new homeschooler it may be overwhelming to have to prepare and present the lessons. A more seasoned parent would be able to pull it together much easier than a newer homeschooler, but if you are a new homeschooler and this kind of history intrigues you, it would help to have a mentor or another person who is good at planning help you in the beginning until you get established. Once you are moving along, the course starts to flow better and you'll be more comfortable. This course is also an excellent supplement to other history courses that may neglect the Jewish and Hebrew history. This program is designed for 5th grade and up and would be best used if preceded by Remembering God's Awesome Acts, as it follows this book chronologically.

-- Product Review by: Holly Cameron, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine