Will Increasing Gas Prices Drive Families to Stay Home?

GRAY, Tenn. – June 21, 2022 – PRLog -- Everyone knows the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” With fuel costs soaring to shocking record highs—currently $4.96 a gallon—now is the time for families to discover just how to turn those sour gas prices into something sweet. Though undoubtedly a financial hardship, today’s price tag at the pump could be an unexpected blessing in disguise. The cost of fueling a vehicle has the potential to fuel dreams—like working at home or even schooling at home—into reality. Remote positions, typically flexible, align parents perfectly for homeschooling.

One remarkable cohort of people can testify that homeschooling is a worthy choice. A demographic of second-generation homeschoolers is emerging as young adults who were themselves homeschooled and who are now homeschooling their own children. They know home education works, and they know the countless benefits it offers families—like more time at home and less time on the road. In fact, stories of second-generation homeschoolers carrying on the legacy are featured in this summer’s issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. It’s a publication that has played a vital role in uplifting home education for more than two decades. “Through The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, we inform and inspire parents. This summer is an especially perfect time to turn the pages and consider if homeschooling may be the change your family is searching for,” encouraged Gena Suarez, who is herself a homeschooling parent and publisher of the magazine.

Families spending more time at home these days may be interested in other topics the summer issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine covers, like making the most of family togetherness, unschooling, and homesteading. Other features demonstrate how homeschooling can be a reality for anyone: parents working from home, special needs families, and even those with high schoolers. The summer issue is available through while supplies last.

“Parents, we are here to tell you that you can homeschool in a variety of circumstances, and you’ll do it well,” Suarez shared.  “These gas prices that make you think twice about leaving the house may end up sparking a whole new and wonderful lifestyle for your family.”

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