What’s Being Taught at School?

Parents know the answer when school is home.

GRAY, Tenn. - Sept. 7, 2021 - PRLog -- A lot can be done with $15,240. That’s the average amount taxpayers spend per public school pupil annually (NHERI). As public schools go “woke,” it’s a price tag that’s increasingly hard to accept. These taxpayer dollars pay the salary of the teacher who is encouraging students to pledge allegiance to the rainbow flag in California. It’s money used in schools coast to coast to implement extreme ideas such as critical race theory and gender identity ideologies into public school curriculum. But when a Rhode Island parent repeatedly requested to review a school district’s instructional materials, she learned a shocking lesson when a teacher’s union sued her. Parents and taxpayers alike are alarmed at these trends.

“Children belong to their parents, not to the state. Of course, parents should approve of and know what their children are learning. That is becoming increasingly problematic with today’s public schools however,” says Gena Suarez, publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. “Homeschool is the answer. Teaching children at home gives parents total control and knowledge of what their children are learning. The outrageous matter being pushed in public schools is one of the reasons the homeschooling community is welcoming new families in droves.”

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