Leading Homeschool Magazine Measures Years and Reasons

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine celebrates twenty years of printed pages and countless reasons to home educate

GRAY, Tenn. - July 6, 2021 - The publication that started as a dream and an eBay store twenty years ago has transformed into 120+ glossy pages of inspiration and encouragement delivered quarterly as The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine to home educators across ninety nations. Over 120 staff now help with production and run the online curriculum division. As the magazine celebrates twenty years, it remains a constant support for parents invested in educating their children at home.

Why do parents choose to homeschool? Gena Suarez, who publishes The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, can answer that question with confidence from two decades of expertise in the industry. “Homeschooling allows a child to grow and learn in a secure, loving environment where the child’s best interest truly is the goal,” explained Suarez. “Today, the value of homeschooling is more clear than ever. The reasons to homeschool turn into blessings and benefits, and they’re countless. We’ve compiled a list of several enduring ones.”

FREEDOM: Homeschooling provides freedom from unsafe environments, bullies, political agendas, peer pressure, canned curricula, and secular philosophies. It also offers freedom for children to learn at their own pace, to move around as they learn, to study a subject as long and as deeply as desired, and to love God.

FLEXIBILITY: Home education includes the flexibility to learn beyond the confinements of typical school hours, to break as needed, and to study outdoors or even while traveling.

INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATION: Children thrive with education tailored to their learning styles, interests, or challenges—which parents know and understand best.

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Homeschooling is effective. The National Home Education Research Institute reports, “Homeschool students score above average on achievement tests, regardless of their parents’ level of formal education or their family’s household income.” (NHERI)

RELATIONSHIPS: Homeschooling provides abundant opportunities to nurture solid, lasting relationships with family members and children of varying ages through a multitude of outlets. Friendships and connections aren’t limited to interactions with only those in the same grade level.

STABILITY: No matter the day’s current events, homeschooling provides stability. It also supplies consistency for families with health challenges or who move often. Military families who homeschool know that benefit well. Instead of students being behind or ahead due to frequent location and school changes, parents are able to maintain a steady standard of education wherever home may be.

OUTCOMES: Homeschooled students are prepared for the future with academics and life skills. Many options to pursue dual enrollment or apprenticeships are available, opening the door to success beyond high school.

“From our simple beginning twenty years ago with one-color ink and just twelve pages—how we’ve grown!” said Suarez. “We continue to shine the light of home education through the pages of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.” To celebrate this milestone, one-year subscriptions, starting with the Fall 2021 twenty-year anniversary Issue, are discounted through the end of July and include a free Schoolhouse SmartMamaTM Planner.

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