Is Working While Homeschooling Possible for Parents?

GRAY, Tenn. - Jan. 18, 2022 - PRLog -- Is it truly feasible for parents to hold down a job while homeschooling their children successfully? The answer is “yes,” which is good news in today’s world where home education is more prevalent than ever. Parents who may not have initially considered homeschooling are finding that the choice is becoming common. In fact, according to the National Home Education Research Institute (, “Home education is an age-old traditional educational practice that a decade ago appeared to be cutting-edge and ‘alternative’ but is now bordering on ‘mainstream’ in the United States. It may be the fastest growing form of education in the United States. Home-based education has also been growing around the world in many other nations.”

Gena Suarez, magazine publisher, knows that homeschooling while working is possible. The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, founded by Suarez, has roots as an eBay store, which specialized in selling used curriculum. Suarez found herself answering questions about curriculum for other homeschoolers. She turned those questions and answers into a simple newsletter, which grew over the past two decades into what is today trusted as the trade magazine for the homeschool industry. “Generating an income while homeschooling is possible simply because homeschooling is extremely flexible. The work world is suddenly extremely flexible as well. Education at home, and now work at home, can be accomplished well in countless ways. Every homeschool looks different to meet the needs of the children and family,” said Suarez.

Parents seeking advice on homeschooling while juggling a job can look to the digital archives of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. There they’ll find immediate and free resources on working while homeschooling—success stories, tips, and ideas to help them manage both of these important areas of life. The digital archives are searchable and accessible at any time. Parents will discover helpful articles on every homeschooling topic imaginable.

“All of the past issues of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine can be found in one place here in the digital archives,” added Suarez. “Tap into this free resource anytime to be encouraged as you provide for and educate your children.”

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