How to Solve the Unfortunate Case of the Missing Teachers

GRAY, Tenn. - Jan. 25, 2022 - PRLog – What components make a school? “Teachers” and “students” should top the list, yet large numbers of teachers nationwide are missing from schools. Some have chosen early retirement or simply resigned due to unprecedented difficult teaching environments. Others are absent due to health or quarantine issues. “Teacher shortage” appears in the news frequently these days as schools creatively seek to fill the holes absent teachers leave. EdWeek’s Top School Jobs website reveals thousands of open teaching positions across the country. Districts advertise “immediate hire” and also plead for substitutes. Those substitutes may be parents or they may be school staff who are still needed in their important roles of transportation or cafeteria work. Students, too, are absent like never before as they are not permitted on campus with any Covid-type symptom or exposure. The children in attendance may be wondering who their teacher actually is, while parents may be wondering if lack of consistent instruction is selling their children short.

What is the solution for frustrated parents who simply desire uninterrupted learning for their children? One answer is to try homeschooling. Parents teaching their children at home ensure the teacher—and students—are always present. “Homeschools simply don’t have to deal with the Covid problems that school systems are presently encountering. Home education delivers reliable and continuous instruction, no matter what is happening in the world,” said Gena Suarez who publishes The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.

Parents who are ready to take the reins of their family’s education into their own capable hands will find a free info-pak waiting at The Old Schoolhouse®, with over two decades of serving home educators, is happy to provide this info-pak consisting of over sixty eTitles and physical products carefully selected to help families who are starting their homeschool journey.

“The Old Schoolhouse® is here to lend you confidence,” encouraged Suarez. “Try homeschooling. Parents everywhere are finding that they are their child’s best teacher.”

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