Global Homeschool Market Skyrockets

Countless industries reach parents through the trade magazine for homeschool families.

GRAY, Tenn. – March 29, 2022 – PRLog – Changing demographics of the homeschool market are catching the attention of many businesses outside of the education industry. As home education becomes a mainstream option, companies that serve them are experiencing notable growth, and many other companies are using this opportunity to reach parents with various products and services.

The growing demand for homeschooling resources and curriculum has opened up the market to new businesses, and for those already active in the home education field, to ramp-up operations. “We’ve had steady growth in the Canadian market and are emerging into several other countries to serve homeschoolers worldwide,” said Gena Suarez, publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.

Families opt to homeschool for numerous reasons, such as their children’s limited progress via traditional schooling; difference in religious and educational philosophies; or a lack of satisfaction with traditional educational methods, expectations, and environment.

This growing group of consumers can be reached through various advertising platforms of The Old Schoolhouse®, which has been growing with the market over the past twenty years. The Old Schoolhouse® shares marketing strategies specific to the home education market at Schoolhouse Marketing and offers various advertising options for every business size.

The homeschooling movement is more widespread than ever and has shown substantial growth (2% to 8% per annum over the last several years as reported by year after year. It is growing in popularity as parents realize how much better their children’s education is when they can meet their individual needs. This is something that was true before the pandemic and will continue to be true afterwards. Now, more and more parents are being exposed to that truth through experiencing it and hearing from the growing number of new homeschoolers.

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