Everything Old is New Again (Mother Really Does Know Best)

GRAY, Tenn., October 19, 2021 - PRLog – Many of today’s students share a similar experience with American children who grew up prior to 1900: learning at home. Home education was typical once upon a time. Though it nearly went extinct by the 1970s, the homeschooling population grew rapidly during the 1980s and 1990s ( These days, of course, homeschooling is not only common, but booming.

Modern homeschool parents preparing their children for the future can look to the past. A nineteenth-century British educator named Charlotte Mason would be surprised to realize her influencer status in the present. Her ideas, though introduced long ago, remain prevalent and admired among today’s home educators. She encouraged nature studies and habit formation and inspired many with quotes like, “There is nothing which a mother cannot bring her child up to be.” Gena Suarez, publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, adds, “Everything old really is new again. Homeschooling has been around longer than educational institutions, and it is growing profoundly as parents discover home is the best place to learn. Parents have always been natural teachers.”

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine’s next issue covers Charlotte Mason’s educational ideas and many other topics relevant for today’s parents, like learning through literature, raising a reader, babies and preschoolers, foreign language, and music. “The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine supplies steady support for home educators. While we haven’t been around quite as long as Charlotte Mason’s name, we are grateful to be celebrating twenty years of inspiring homeschooling families. We also give thanks that our upcoming winter issue is our 100th issue!” says Suarez. Copies may be reserved and subscriptions secured at a discount during the month of October through

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