Can Homeschoolers Get Into College?

The Old Schoolhouse® gives parents tools to prepare their children for higher education.

GRAY, Tenn. – June 14, 2022 – PRLog -- Call your closest state or private college, and you are likely to get the same response when asking if they accept homeschoolers. Many will echo what former admissions professional Gary Mason said. He stated that almost without exception, he found that the homeschoolers who applied were friendly, polite, and well-prepared (Journal of College Admissions, Fall 2004).

Applying to college as a homeschooled graduate is not much different from applying as a public or private school graduate. A common misconception is that the only option for homeschoolers is a GED, but what colleges are primarily looking for is a quality transcript. “With the right tools and resources, parents can confidently formulate a transcript,” encouraged Gena Suarez, publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. “Many high school courses available with a membership include transcript information, so parents know how many credits the courses are worth. Not only does give parents transcript guidance, but it also provides a well-rounded education with a variety of options.”

Additionally, some state homeschool organizations will print a professional diploma for a homeschooled student when the parent provides a valid transcript. Many states also allow the parent to issue a diploma themselves if their child has met the state’s homeschooling requirements.

The Old Schoolhouse® aims to provide parents confidence in preparing their children for higher education. In addition to transcripts, members of The Old Schoolhouse®’s homeschooling community,, gain access to Total College Success®, which prepares students for the SAT, ACT, college admissions, and beyond. Members also can participate in the National Academic Homeschool Competition (NAHC) for only half the price. With a wide variety of college prep resources, seeks to help both high schoolers and parents of high schoolers succeed in their homeschooling.

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