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Is there hair all over the floor? Are you pulling your hair out? Do you feel like multiplication is going to be the end of you? Have no fear, Multiplication Workshop is here! Elementary students can work on their mastery of multiplication in this step-by-step guide to learning and/or practicing multiplication tables using written problems, manipulatives, flash cards, word problems, and speed drills. There are 160 worksheets that allow your children to work on the concept of multiplication and learning the 1-12 times tables. Multiple-digit numbers are introduced toward the end of the course. In Algebra for Kids, Bob Hazen teaches elementary students how to identify a handful of principles that reveal the unity of mathematics across grades and across topics. Thirteen worksheets that teach important algebraic principles that students as young as first and second grade can learn and retain. As they are mastering their multiplication, they can make the connection to algebra and be ready when the time comes.


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