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When our students study history, it is sometimes hard to put it in perspective. It seems like an abstract concept because it is not in the here and now. There are two new courses on that will help your student see history in a different light. Stepping through History: Starting with You! with Marla Szwast is a 27-week course for elementary students. In order to make history more real, students will start with their own history. They’ll build a family tree and then work backward through history until the 1870s and the days of Alexander Graham Bell. They will study things like the advent of personal computers, Steve Jobs, Apollo Missions, Einstein, Titanic, Henry Ford, Helen Keller, Edison, and Tesla, to name a few. There are fun notebooking activities designed to help your child personalize their story of history. Writing on This Day in History is a course designed by Carla Earley for middle school and high school students to make history fun by combining writing with history. Each day of the year there will be multiple prompts for your students to choose from that will require historical research and will encourage students to make history real by answering questions about their own thoughts and opinions about what they have learned.


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