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Do you ROKU? I do and so does our family! In this article I am going to share with the uninitiated and all of you ROKU fans out there, how this momma began her journey streaming style!


So, what is ROKU? I had never heard of it, and when I did, it sounded complicated. I was told ROKU was some type of streaming player you plugged into your tv and voila, you could watch over a 1,000 channels just like that. It sounded too good to be true. How much would it cost, I wondered? Sounds tricky, I thought to myself. Maybe I should shy away.


My husband had a different idea. ROKU plays major channels like FOX, Disney and even Netflix. They also carry more niche channels, and one in particular was what my husband really wanted. So, off to Walmart we went and came home with this little box that has since changed our world!


ROKU sells for as low as $50 and is available, well, EVERYWHERE. Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Sam’s Club and more.


We enjoyed the Biblical programming on channels that has been truly inspiration! Our kids have enjoyed all the old westerns we so love, yay!


We have fallen in love with what ROKU has to offer so much we have started our own ROKU Channel! We call it the HomeschoolingNetwork and it is available on over 5,000,000 Television Screens Worldwide to ROKU owners!



We are located in the channel store next to major broadcasters like Disney and National Geographic. We are proud to say we are the First and Only homeschooling channel on ROKU.

Our broadcasting is a lot of fun! We have interviews with homeschooling heroes that will inspire the single homeschooling parent, the aspiring writer, the young scientist, and the budding tech guru!


More shows are on their way as well, designed to inspire and offer practical skills!

I learned how to develop a ROKU Channel the old fashioned way. I had a lot of prayer, and whole bunch of elbow grease. Research, youtube videos, and great programs allowed a dream of reaching and inspiring homeschooling families to come to pass!


How can you homeschool with ROKU? Let me count the ways!

First, you can add our HomeschoolingNetwork channel and learn all sorts of subjects like APP creation, website building, graphic design and more!

Next, explore all that ROKU has to offer. This might sound simple but adding the free YouTube Channel can offer a world of learning for you!

Here are some YouTube classes our family has searched out or enjoyed:

Guitar lessons, Fraction helps, Davidic Dance Lessons, Foreign Language Courses, Learning HTML, Canning, Fencing, Classes on how to sew a button and much more.

Okay, that last class was for me.

With a little searching you can fill your homeschool day with electives free of charge that will inspire and teach the next generation!


You might enjoy supplementing your Biblical Education courses with a favorite ministry of your choice! Did you know there were over 600 Religion Channels on ROKU?!

Even our small congregation has started its own Channel to share the gospel worldwide.

However, all the most famous ministries have channels as well! Find your family’s favorite and enjoy!


Do your children love history? Add the History Channel to travel back in time! Are your children nature lovers? Add the National Geographic for kids and impress the grandparents with your children’s understanding of how fast a cheetah runs in the wild!


Very inexpensive paid channels, usually just a buck or two, are available for full courses in foreign language learning. All available right on your TV Screen!


Want to beef up your family’s fitness routine? Scores of fitness channels are available. Our family watched and worked out with a man running from a shark in an animated fitness cartoon yesterday! The sky is the limit with ROKU!


So, whether you feel the call of the wild, want to learn to sew, speak French, or watch programming specifically designed for homeschoolers . . . there is something for everyone with ROKU!

So tell us, do you ROKU?



Evonne Mandella is a homeshcooling mother and the Creator of the Homeschooling Network on ROKU. She is a Schoolhouse Teacher of Video Creation with the Old Schoolhouse Magazine ®. Checkout the new Homesschooling Network on ROKU and visit or email to learn how you can broadcast your uplifting programs worldwide as well!


Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. - Proverbs 22:6