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Adding Affiliate Links to Posts

Inserting Your Affiliate Link Into A Post:

Use the URL for the product you are looking to link to, and then add your affiliate info at the end, like this: 

(Replace the '#' with YOUR affiliate number. You find your affiliate number by logging above.)



Graphics For Our Affiliates

Please DO NOT link to these images directly.

Using The Images:

Right-click on image, save it on your desktop, and then upload to your web site.

Adding Your Affiliate Link To An Image:

Want to use a direct link to a product without an image? You can do that too!

First, download the graphic you want to use and put it on your blog.

Second, use the following format to create a linked image on your blog, or some social media platforms.

<a href=””><img src=”"></a>

(replace the '#' with YOUR affiliate number & replace '' with the address of the graphic on your site, after you copy it from the options below and load it up to your blog)

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