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Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner Promotion - June 8-30

Twitter - 2020-21 Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner

Facebook - 2020-21 Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner

Instagram - 2020-21 Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner

Pinterest- 2020-21 Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner

Banner - 2020-21 Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner

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Stay organized during the 2020–21 school year with the Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner™. This digital planner with editable components will help you plan the upcoming school year with ease! Only $29, or free with a membership!

The 2020–21 Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner™ is here! The page-spawning feature allows you to customize schedules for every member of your family! $29 allows you to easily keep assignments, reading logs, attendance, and chore charts all in one place!

The 2020–21 Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner™ saves you time and effort with intuitive features, interactive budgets, and a page-spawning feature that lets you customize to your family’s needs! Create custom transcripts, complete with your digital signature, and track household and curriculum expenses with interactive budgets that calculate totals for you. This year’s digital planner is available for only $29, or free with a membership! Members may access their planner in their Member Dashboard!

Plan the upcoming school year with ease using the Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner™! The 2020–21 new and improved digital planner is available in The Schoolhouse Store for only $29! Looking for more than a planner to help you with the upcoming year? Become a member today and receive access to the 2020–21 planner in your Member Dashboard for no extra cost. Stay organized all year long! This new and improved digital planner has editable components that will save time and effort with intuitive features, interactive budgets, and a page-spawning feature that lets you customize to your unique number of children. Keep assignments, reading logs, attendance charts, chore charts, prayer journals, and more in one handy file. Print your planner pages or save information directly on your device so you and your children can access it at any time!

The wait is over! The Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner™ is here! Purchase the 2020–21 digital planner for only $29 or receive a complimentary planner as a member. (Members may access the planner in their Member Dashboard.) Be surprised by fun and unconventional special holidays to celebrate such as National Watermelon Day and Haiku Poetry Day! Find much-needed encouragement from The Old Schoolhouse® veteran homeschoolers Gena Suarez and Deborah Wuehler sprinkled throughout your new planner—links to motivating and inspirational articles are also included. Beautiful vintage drawings are available to print and color for special gifts or keepsakes! You will love the crisp, clean, and fresh design of this year’s interactive and smart-designed planner!


Summer TOS - June 1-30, 2020

Facebook - Subscription - Summer Theme

Twitter -Subscription - Summer Theme

Instagram - Subscription - Summer Theme

Facebook - Summer Sale - Theme 2

Twitter - Summer Sale - Theme 2

Instagram - Summer Sale - Theme 2

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Single Issue Sale:
Take a walk on the wild side this summer as you explore the Summer 2020 edition of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. Turn your animal lover’s passion for animals into a career by exploring a variety of relevant jobs! Purchase your copy: $15 (US) or $25 (CAN/INT).

Put on your safari hats as we cruise through the history of homeschooling with Why Homeschool? From History to Present and prepare to be challenged as we stop at the excavation site to dig into the Six-Day Creation Worldview. Your copy of the Summer 2020 The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine can be purchased now, $15 (US) or $25 (CAN/INT).

We know it’s a jungle out there, let us help you navigate your way through the good times, the hard times, and everywhere in between with the Summer 2020 issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine! Just $15 US or $25 Canada/International. In this edition you will hear from The Working Homeschool Mama, The Home Cook, and those who experienced Homeschooling Through Difficult Times. You will also find two resource guides, Where Worlds Meet: Science, Math, and STEM Learning and Summer Learning Fun: Field Trips, Nature Studies, and Literature to help keep you busy this summer. Subscribe to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine to receive each quarterly issue, and maintain a strong homeschool: 1 year (4 issues) = $29 US or $59 Canada/International; 2 years (8 issues) = $39 US or $99 Canada/International.

Graphics for other items for sale in the store






"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).