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Why God is too important to ignore

by / Friday, 14 June 2013 / Published in Advertisement, Blog


Give Me Just 2 Minutes And I'll Show You How To Keep God At The Center Of Your Child's Education!

Dear Friend,

The world is changing drastically. The family unit is being torn to shreds and GOD is being stripped away from homes through the television, internet, society and everywhere else in America.

God is the very foundation that built our beautiful country, and without Him, we fail as a nation…That is exactly why I have created my “One Nation Under God” initiative! And with your help, together we can make a difference!

I want to gift you and as many fellow Americans as possible this FREE DVD (you just pay shipping and handling). But hurry, because it’s only available for the next 24 hours or until we run out of stock, whichever comes first!

Only Good For The Next 24 Hours!

Click Here To Learn More!

This fun, animated DVD will set the story straight as we take a trip back in time to see how America was founded under God. It great for the kids, friends and family time! This educational cartoon is perfect for learning at home where you can talk openly with your kids and share in this amazing story of God’s love for America.

In Addition To The DVD, I'm Going To Add These Amazing Bonuses FREE As Part Of The Initiative

FREE Online Streaming Anytime, Anywhere!

Free access to the live streaming collection so that in addition to the DVD, you’ll receive in the mail, you and your kids can stream and view this powerful story anytime from any web-connected device—completely FREE!

Click Here to Claim it All!

I hope you will take me up on this Time Sensitive FREE Offer initiatve to help this country stand tall once again! Let’s keep teaching our kids what’s important so that America can have a future and a legacy under God!

Click Here to Claim it All!

“Society Seems To Have Forgotten That
Without God, We Are A Nation Gone Under!”


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