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What’s New in Geography and Copywork

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In our Geography course from Tyler and Maggie Hogan of Bright Ideas Press, get ready to shift gears and explore the world like you’ve never done before! So far this year, we’ve studied the land, the atmosphere, the water—all the things that make up the physical world we live in. But there is so much more to the human story! We’re going to transition now from looking at our environment to human geography—studying people, culture, and the way we interact with the physical world. If you haven’t already tried our Geography course on, now is the perfect time to start. If you’re not a member, you can try the entire site out for only $1.00 for your first month (but the price goes back up to $3 on November 1). Each month is only $12.95 after that—whether you have one child or a dozen! Come explore geography and over sixty other courses available for your entire family from preschool to high school.


Have you seen the all-new Everyday Copywork? Now access the entire week right from the start! This week, choose from copywork about Noah, hockey, the sun, opposites, or choose an excerpt from “Paul Revere’s Ride” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Coming in November—separate print and cursive printable worksheets.




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