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It’s hard to believe with all the deep snow and frigid temperatures that in two months we’ll hit the road for the Homeschool convention trail … coming to a state near you!


We love homeschooling on the road and “on the go,” but I’m going to be upfront with you. If you think you’re just going to transfer your normal HOMEschool to ROADschool, then you’re in for a world of frustration. We’ve found that it’s a lot harder to do all the normal school stuff while you’re truckin’ down the highway.


But if you’ll put your pre-conceived ideas of what school should look like aside, then you’ll have opened up a whole new world of learning.


That’s the great thing about school “on the go”; you get to see, smell, feel, and experience things that others only read about. Growing up in a public school, I’m sure I read about the Civil War, but by the time I reached high school, my only retained knowledge of it was that it involved some guys in blue and gray and Abraham Lincoln won it at Gettysburg.


But my kids have walked the Civil War battlefields, seen their weapons, walked the stairs in Lincoln’s home, played in the grassy area where he gave his address, sat in Ford’s Theater, and stood before the place where Lincoln was buried. That’s school at its finest.


I won’t pretend that all my kids are Civil War experts (although I have a couple who are), but they all seem to pick up their own bent along the way. Some like the events, other like the relationships, and still others like the bugs in the grass.


The best homeschooling takes place in the real world. It might happen in your yard, down the street, or in a town called Gettysburg.


Be real,



PS – Your help is needed–After 30 years of following the homeschool movement, NHERI (National Home Education Research Institute) has learned something about homeschool graduates’ academic and socio-economic successes through various studies.


But what about the spiritual condition of this first generation of home education?  How did we do? Where are our children today? What were the educational, cultural, relational, and spiritual influences in their lives?


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To answer these questions, there is a survey that is taking a close look at those who were raised in church-going homes. This survey, called the Gen 2 Survey, is for every young person between 18-38 years of age, whether they are Christian, Non-Christian, Public Schooled, Private Schooled, or Homeschooled. With questions on church experiences, family relationships, personal and family devotions, choice of education and curriculum, music, books, entertainment, worldview, and political views, and more, they believe this survey will give us fascinating data. They look forward to sharing the findings of this survey as they learn of the successes and warn of the pitfalls experienced over the last generation.


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