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CURRENT ISSUE! September / October 2014 Digital Issue

You have fresh ideas, new curriculum, and inspiration to help you start your new school year. Discover ways to keep that new year enthusiasm with the September/October issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.


Considering Homeschooling Bundle

Consider homeschooling instead of sending your children to public school (with all the issues of Common Core, a state-sponsored philosophy, a strong anti-God sentiment, and the rapid decline of a public education).


Routines & Fall Harvest WeE-Book Bundle

Are you struggling with chaos in your home, yet you long for the peace and productivity that comes with having things in order? Ensure a good harvest in your children’s lives and in your heart with this bundle.


Hey Mama! PRINT Schoolhouse Planner 2014-2015

4.22 out of 5

This planner is full of calendars, lists, and charts – all to help you keep your family on schedule. Don’t miss your chance to own our physical 2014-2015 Schoolhouse Planner!


2014 Annual Print Edition

You’ll get a year’s worth of support in almost 300 pages in this full color one-of-a-kind print magazine for and by homeschoolers! featuring original articles by Deborah Wuehler, Todd Wilson, Heidi St. John, and more! Buy your edition today!


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December 2012 Digital Magazine

Family education: living, loving, and learning together—that’s what homeschooling is all about. You’ll find the help you need to teach your children when you’re at home, when you’re out and about, and when you’re teaching formally or informally.


November 2012 Digital Magazine

Do you want your children to “do school” or learn for a lifetime? In the November issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, you’ll discover ways to develop in your kids a love of learning that will make them lifetime learners. Make learning a lifetime pursuit.


October 2012 Digital Magazine

You have a lot to do: homeschooling, mothering, caring for babies and toddlers, loving your husband, keeping the house clean, putting meals on the table, and . . . (fill in the blank). How do you do it all? Don’t try to do it all, and don’t try to do it all alone.


September 2012 Digital Magazine

Life can be like a race. You jump out of bed and hit the ground running and stop running only when you crawl back into bed at the end of the day. Run your daily race more efficiently and successfully, with less stress and fatigue.   


August 2012 Digital Magazine

 Wondering how you’ll give your children an excellent education—without spending a fortune? In this issue discover how you can cut expenses without sacrificing quality and even find excellent resources that won’t cost you a dime.


July 2012 Digital Magazine

Get the scoop on teaching foreign languages from classical to modern, dealing with dyslexia, passing down your life stories through journaling, becoming an adoptive parent, and learning how to seize the day in this July issue.


June 2012 Digital Magazine

Get ready for summer with the June issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. Mix up the learning in your homeschool with fun hands-on activities, and make summer a time for less structure and a lot more fun! Keep learning with TOS magazine.


May 2012 Digital Magazine

Trying to decide how (or if you should) use technology in your homeschool? The May 2012 issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, is filled with articles that will help you determine the role that technology should play in your homeschool.