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You have fresh ideas, new curriculum, and inspiration to help you start your new school year. Discover ways to keep that new year enthusiasm with the September/October issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.


Considering Homeschooling Bundle

Consider homeschooling instead of sending your children to public school (with all the issues of Common Core, a state-sponsored philosophy, a strong anti-God sentiment, and the rapid decline of a public education).


Routines & Fall Harvest WeE-Book Bundle

Are you struggling with chaos in your home, yet you long for the peace and productivity that comes with having things in order? Ensure a good harvest in your children’s lives and in your heart with this bundle.


Hey Mama! PRINT Schoolhouse Planner 2014-2015

4.22 out of 5

This planner is full of calendars, lists, and charts – all to help you keep your family on schedule. Don’t miss your chance to own our physical 2014-2015 Schoolhouse Planner!


2014 Annual Print Edition

You’ll get a year’s worth of support in almost 300 pages in this full color one-of-a-kind print magazine for and by homeschoolers! featuring original articles by Deborah Wuehler, Todd Wilson, Heidi St. John, and more! Buy your edition today!


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Topics include: Anatomy of a Volcano, Dead, Alive, or Just Sleeping? Types of Eruptions, Types of Volcanoes, Volcanology, The Ring of Fire, Famous Eruptions:Vesuvius. Famous Eruptions: Mount St. Helens and much more! Get yours today!


Winter 2011 Digital Magazine

Don’t let the winter blues or post-holiday slump get you down! The Winter 2010-11 issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is packed with articles that will cheer, encourage, and inspire you. Re-energize your home and homeschool today!



Tornadoes are ferocious and dangerous storms. They whirl and spin like a top.  This lapbook will teach your child the kind of weather in which tornadoes are formed, what to do to stay safe during a tornado, and more. Requires 2 colored folders.


Rocks & Minerals

Have hands-on FUN learning about rocks and minerals! Interesting subjects include:Rocks, Minerals, The Rock Cycle, Sedimentary, Igneous, Metamorphic, Identifying Rocks, Fossilization, Gems, and Metals. Requires 2 file folders.



Learn about the rainforest, its plants and animals, its benefits, and why it is so beneficial. Requires 2 folders.  Study Guide titles are:  What is a Rainforest? Birds of the Rainforest, Rainforest Reptiles, Mammals of the Rainforest, Rainforest Plants, and more!



 Is pollution a problem in your area? Find out what it is, where it tends to locate, and what you can do to help prevent it! Perfect to help instruct and care about this amazingly created world around us! This educationally informative, 32-page-2-folder-lapbook is only $8!


Oceans of the World

 Learn about the great oceans that make up more than half of our universe! Includes information about each ocean, different animals that live in each, vocabulary, book ideas, and so much more! Buy your copy of this informative and engaging  lapbook today!



What is light? Where does it come from? Why does it do the things it does? Electromagnetic Waves, Infrared and Ultraviolet Light, Dual Nature of Light, Refraction Reflection and MUCH MORE in this 2-folder colorful lapbook!