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Picaboo Yearbooks Give Away

by / Tuesday, 20 August 2013 / Published in Announcements, Blog

Have you thought about making a home school yearbook for your community or family? PicabooYearbooks.com offers home schools many options with no minimum orders, three week turn around and prices starting at just $8.49! Respond here with your thoughts about yearbooks for home schools.

Picaboo Yearbooks would like to show their “thanks” to the homeschool fans by sponsoring 5 homeschool moms with tickets to the Schoolhouse Expo this week. We will match up 5 moms from some of the requests that has come in for a scholarship and send the free ticket to them.

4 Responses to “Picaboo Yearbooks Give Away”

  1. We do make our own little “yearbook” even though my son is the only one in our homeschool…we have always used one of the digital photo books and have included his school picture and all the activities we do through the year. Actually since we started to do it people have been more open to my homeschooling him…they can see all the wonderful things he is experiencing at a home school. I think it would be great if someone was in a co-op group to have a yearbook showing all they do too!

  2. Dorinda Kozloff says :

    I love the idea of capturing our everyday memories in a book. Also would make great gifts for grandparents.

  3. Rachal says :

    I am so excited about helping with the first yearbook for our co-op! I plan on using Picaboo Yearbooks because it looks very easy to use for me, my class and other parents in the co-op.

  4. dianaharper says :

    I suppose our current yearbooks are our family albums!

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