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Spotlight on Five! ~ Electives

The idea of teaching Electives can either be an exciting one, or a daunting one depending on the situation. Some moms look at the blank slate of “Anything They Want to Learn About” and feel freedom. Others look at the same blank slate and feel overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin. Some struggle with the

Spotlight on Five! ~ Fun Activities

December’s Spotlight on Fun Activities    Featuring: Allon Books Dover Publications IAMflix The Old Schoolhouse® Store / We R Fun Games Allon Books     Reading is more than words on a page. Books can open up a gateway to the mind. The Allon series creates a world of fantasy and adventure for young adults

Spotlight on Five! ~ Bible History

Welcome to our monthly Spotlight on Five!  Bible History By Bonnie Rose Hudson   I remember the first time I “saw” Bible history in a personal way. My sister and I had traveled to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The museum draws me back, time and again because of the historical
Welcome to our monthly Spotlight on Five!  A Peek at The Charlotte Mason Method By Karen Andreola   The teaching method of Christian British educator, Miss Charlotte Mason, makes a good fit in today’s homeschool. In her writings Miss Mason insists upon using “living books” as schoolbooks. These enliven the mind and secure interest. Classroom
Welcome to our monthly Spotlight on Five!    Using Literature to Teach Math   Math is not a subject one typically thinks about when creating a reading list. But if you have a student like mine, who is a great reader but less than enthusiastic about math, using a literature-based approach to math may be
Welcome to our monthly Spotlight on Five!    Making Chores Kid-Friendly   To help with the smooth running of a household, making some minor adjustments to your chores or cleaning-tools can help children develop their housekeeping skills.    Here are some things to consider when simplifying your chores:    Move plates, glasses and cups from
Welcome to our monthly Spotlight on Five!    Hands On Science   Searching for a way to get your homeschooler excited about science? If so, you already have everything you need, right there at home.    My wife and I homeschool our four kids, and using everyday items from around the house, we spark a
Welcome to our monthly Spotlight on Five!    “Cool” Summer Fun   Most kids have an opportunity to play with (and in) water during the warm months, but adding ice to the mix can give kids a whole new level of experimentation. Exploring with ice was always one of my kids’ favorite things to do

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