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Spotlight on Five! ~ Homeschool Favorites

  What was your favorite game as a child? I’m sure there are many different answers to that question, but I’ll bet you remembered exactly which game or toy was the most special to you. Those memories will stay with you and fill you with joy and happiness through your life. Which ones will your

Spotlight on Five! ~ Homeschool Favorites

Some curriculum just seems timeless. Everyone seems to know about it and love it, the books occupy treasured spots on our shelves and we warmly recommend them to our friends and family. It’s easy to forget that even those beloved resources were once new and those treasured spots were bare. Some of our resources this

Spotlight on Five! ~ Foreign Language

Preschool in your Homeschool: Spotlight on 5 Preschool can mean tubs of colored rice, long walks in the park exploring worms, trees, and bugs. It can mean an opportunity to start teaching the letter of the week and number identification. It can mean using books to spark interest in hands-on activities, or worksheets, or calendars,
If you don’t speak a foreign language yourself (or it has been years since you last used your second language for anything more complex than naming colors or counting) the idea of teaching your child to speak another language can be daunting! Fortunately whether you are looking for Mandarin Chinese, ASL, Spanish or something else entirely there are programs

Spotlight on Five! ~ Music & Arts

Teaching the arts offers a lot of room for flexibility. Different styles, genres, mediums, and periods combine to form an endless array of possibilities. Some kids fall into their artistic pursuits and interests naturally, gravitating toward something that just pulls them. Others need more help finding their niche. The companies below offer interesting options to

Spotlight on Five! ~ Math

Spotlight on Five! ~ Science

Science is one of those subjects that parents either love to teach, or dread with everything in their being. So much to explore! So many possibilities! But, on the other hand … so much to explore. So many possibilities. Whether you are a natural science teacher or need a little encouragement and direction these companies have some great resources

Spotlight on Five! ~ Special Needs

Having a child with special needs comes with many unique challenges including the need for specialized curriculum and products. Many of the resources created to help children, and parents, overcome these challenges are made for public school environments and may not be readily available to homeschoolers or may be difficult to locate. We have gathered

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