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Homeschool Resources- Spotlight on 5

Welcome to our monthly Spotlight on Five!  Why Teach the Arts? “Why teach music?” you ask! During my years as a professional violinist and teacher, I have made many observations. I have seen brides in tears as I played their special music, guests at a formal gathering slip into another world as the classics were

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Welcome to our monthly Spotlight on Five!  Does Play Still Have a Purpose in a Device-Driven World? Most of us have witnessed the fit that takes place when a device runs out of battery or is taken away from a little one. Lately, it seems I see devices in the hands of young children everywhere–at

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Welcome to our monthly Spotlight on Five!     You Can Homeschool Your Child with Special Needs  Judi Munday, M.A.; M.Ed. Special Needs Educational Consultant In recent years, more families choose to teach their children with special needs at home. Homeschooling can ensure an appropriate education, because one-size-fits-all public instruction has left more children behind. Thanks

Welcome to our monthly Spotlight on Five!    Do-It-Yourself Language Immersion Recently I spent some time with a European woman who spoke three languages fluently. She made the comment that you could study a language indefinitely, but you’d never truly know it until you actively used it. That ideal situation is rarely available to most

Welcome to our monthly Spotlight on Five!  Using Apps in the Homeschool I was recently visiting a friend, when her two-year-old-daughter walked over, picked up her mom’s smart phone, opened an app, and began playing a game designed to help children her age learn their letters and numbers. No one batted an eye; it was

Welcome to our monthly Spotlight on Five!  Writing How I Rescued our Homeschool Writing Class Resistance to writing cropped up about six years into our homeschooling odyssey. At first, I thought it was a minor glitch. My oldest son had just finished an impressive report on Mexico and loved to write inventive stories as well,

Welcome to our monthly Spotlight on Five!  Literature No new curriculum?  Were my parents joking? Do school without schoolbooks? It was 1980 and my parents were on staff at Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in Austria. The year before, I had studied with other American children. That year I was the only English-speaking child. “You

Welcome to our monthly Spotlight on Five!    Working with Struggling Readers  Judi Munday, M.A.; M.Ed.  Special Needs Educational Consultant Struggling readers often experience difficulty with decoding and comprehension. Beginning readers tend to put most of their energy decoding or “reading” every word. Your child may be able to read phonetically regular words; but according


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