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Fascinating History

Tuesday, 11 November 2014 by
ST-new-160 has two courses which are currently discussing Indians, though there is a bit of a difference between them. American History: Colonization Era with Amy Puetz is looking at the French and Indian War that took place in America’s early history. This 12-week course is geared toward elementary and middle school students and includes Scripture

English and Economics

Monday, 10 November 2014 by
ST-new-160 has recently made available an English class for those whose desire to learn English as a second language. Join Anna Crisostomo in ESL Learning, found under the “Family/For Parents” tab. The course begins at level 2 for children in grades 1-5. Anna provides a long list of activities to choose, from including spelling lists

In the Good ‘Ol USA

Saturday, 08 November 2014 by

So many amazing things can be found in the United States of America. Everyday Explorers: USA takes students on a tour of each state. Students will travel back in time and learn about the state’s history and some interesting destinations. Children are encouraged to keep a timeline, as well as complete other activities that are

Read and Interpret

Friday, 07 November 2014 by

Kathy Lapan’s five-month Statistics course for upper middle school and high school students is presented through a slide-show format, a bit different than most of the courses on Kathy introduces students to statistics and discusses things like normal distribution, diagrams, charts, standard deviation, slope, demographics, sample size, and more. High school students who complete

Use Your Imagination

Thursday, 06 November 2014 by

Are your middle and high schoolers creative? Do they write thrilling stories? Do you find, though, they could use a bit of fine tuning? Join Carrie Daws in her Creative Writing course as she spends the next two months discussing dialogue. If you’ve just joined, you can still access the first three months’ worth

Can Science be Friendly?

Wednesday, 05 November 2014 by

The teachers here at are passionate about what they are sharing with students. They have a love for learning and want to help students learn themselves. Joey Hajda is one such teacher. His course, Friendly Chemistry, is geared toward middle school and high school students and begins with an introduction to chemistry. He then

A Little or a Lot

Tuesday, 04 November 2014 by

Whether you’re looking for a little bit of math practice or a lot, has what you’re looking for. One of our daily offerings is Daily Math. With more than 200 worksheets and drills available to reinforce a plethora of math concepts, children of all ages can benefit from extra math practice, and these worksheets

ST-new-160 wants to come alongside you and your family to provide whatever assistance you might want or need. Not only are academics addressed, but the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects are as well. One of our newest courses is Nourishing Nuggets with Wendy Stoller. Each month, Wendy will be discussing some aspect of healthful eating.