Schoolhouse Teachers

Oh, the Drama!

Do you have teenagers or overly dramatic elementary school students? has courses that will help them to channel that dramatic flair. Simply Shakespeare, under the Dailies tab, is taking a look at King Lear. Students will gain an understanding of this great tragedy and have an opportunity to act it out. Lapbooking with Kimm

More than Just Art

The art courses on’s are taught by master artists. Brenda Ellis, developer of ARTistic Pursuits art curriculum, currently teaches Art Techniques. She has taught high school, middle school, and upper elementary students how to handle various mediums such as tempera paint, watercolors, chalk pastels, oil pastels, colored pencils, and more. More than just that,

A Two-Course Meal

Okay, a two-course meal doesn’t sound like much, I know. But wait until you see what those courses are! First up, we have the Monthly Menu, found under “Supplementary Curriculum” on the Family/For Parents tab. There is a dish for nearly every day such as Garlic Cream Sauce with Noodles, Diddle Diddle Dumplin’, Grandma’s Stove

Yesteryear for the Youngsters

History isn’t just for high schoolers and adults. Get children started early with a love for history with ABC with Me under the Dailies tab. While little ones learn their letters, they can learn the stories of some famous historical figures with hands-on activities, picture books, and various internet activities. This month children will learn

Dream Big

We all have dreams, but what do you do with those dreams? You need a plan to be able to achieve them. Perhaps your child has big dreams of starting his/her own business. Some of the most successful people started with such a dream when they were young. Dana Beasley has compiled her expertise into

Law of the Land

Do you ever wonder what the Constitution really says or how certain laws came about? Join Kevin Mark Smith, Esq. for Constitution and the Bill of Rights to find out. During the month of January, Kevin will be discussing the seventh through tenth amendments to the United States Constitution. Students in high school (and adults)

For the Love of Books

Books are wonderful things! They can teach us. They can transport us. They can fill us with awe and wonder. Every month, Michelle Miller puts together a lengthy list of books that all center around one particular subject. This month, her Monthly Reading List is all about snow. Whether you live where it snows a

What Are You Feeding Your Family?

What goes into our bodies often determines what comes out of our bodies, be it energy and endurance or language and attitude. Follow along with Jennifer Needham in Family Nutrition under the Family/For Parents tab. This 14-week course for the whole family will teach you how to eat healthier, how our culture affects our food

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