Schoolhouse Teachers

Are You Ready for an Adventure?

Two exciting adventures are underway at Middle school and high school students can join Sandra Heflin as she leads the ASL Adventure, a 16-week journey through the world of language for the hearing impaired. Why not bring the whole family? Sandra introduces the ASL culture, the manual alphabet, greetings, numbers, time, holidays, adjectives, and

Is Math Maddening?

Do your kids struggle with math? Do you struggle with teaching certain math concepts? has some helpful supplementary courses designed to assist you as you teach math to your children. Algebra for Kids with Bob Hazen is geared toward elementary and middle school students and gives them a head start in algebra with skip

Hebrew and Hospitality

Written in the ancient Hebrew language, the Bible speaks a great deal about hospitality. We are to love our neighbors as ourselves. In Leviticus, the Hebrews were commanded to love foreigners as themselves. So, why not learn the two together? Hands-On Hebrew with Evonne Mandella provides students in elementary through high school an opportunity to

What Does It All Mean?

Have you ever looked at something in a different language and wished you could understand it? Have you ever done that with music? What do all those black dots and lines mean anyway? Join Michelle Martin for 32 lessons of Music Theory designed for the whole family. She will teach you what those dots and

Are You Up for the Challenge?

Many of us thrive on challenge, whether it be challenging ourselves or competing against someone else. The newest challenge for you on is the weekly Photography Challenge with Michele Peterson. Perhaps you have a son or daughter who previously enjoyed Michele’s thirty-week Photography course (or maybe you took it yourself). Well, Michele has returned

The Sky’s the Limit

As a parent, it is fun to listen to little ones talk about what they want to be when they grow up. It is also very exciting when your teenager makes a decision about what he/she wants to study in college. wants to encourage your students to be thinking about all of the possibilities

Just a Little Bit Each Day

Why do we let ourselves get to the point we feel overwhelmed? Some of it may have to do with priorities. How do we start our days? Something that might help is spending time with God before everyone wakes up, before the texts start pinging, before you need to teach your children. Joy in the

Code Breakers

Do you ever wish you could decipher code? Oh, I know, you’re not a spy. What if I told you there are things in this world that need the help of a code breaker? How about computer programming languages? Christ Yust, in his Computer Science course, teaches middle and high school students how to break

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